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Vitatious Hair Fiber


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Product Description

Vitatious brings another good product that instantly transforms your thinning hair appearance. Vitatious Hair Fiber is made of natural ingredients that make your thin hair look completely full in few seconds. The fiber hair is resistant to hair, wind, and perspiration. Statistically charged hair-like fibers bond and blend to your own hair and gives a long lasting natural look.

The best thing about Vitatious Hair Fiber is that you can easily wash them gently with any shampoo available in the market. Due to natural charge fiber hair contain, they make a bond with your natural hair that has a positive charge. The law of attraction applies to the opposite charge and you get naturally looking hair for a full day.

You can use Vitatious hair fiber every day because it’s not harmful to your natural hair. Moreover, the product will define your personality when you’re going to a party or a ceremony. When women can spend hours on putting artificial make-up, why can’t the men give themselves a bunch of fiber hair to bring a good change in their looks? Give your hair a special treat for special occasions!

How to Apply?

You need to tilt the bottle of Vitatious Hair Fiber about 45 degrees and hold it an inch above the thinning area. Gently shake the bottle with your fingers to dispense hair fibers. Make sure you’re dispensing the fiber hair onto the thinning hair area. If the area is small, bring the bottle closer.

Adjusting the tilt would decide how much fiber hair you want to dispense on one area of your head. Begin dispensing hair from the front area and gently move to the back. You must build hair slowly by repeating the application a few times till the desired result. To adjust the fiber hair, pat your head a few times in between the application. While applying fiber hair to the frontal area, make sure you place a hand under the hairline to it from getting onto your face or eyes.

It’s okay to apply hair spray on your fiber hair to give a better look. The application may take some time for the perfection. So, don’t worry if you struggle with its application in the beginning because you will get better after a few uses. It’s all about patience and understanding the dispensing of fiber hair.

Avoid contact with your eyes because it can cause problems. Make sure to keep it out of the children’s reach. It the product makes a contact with your eye, immediately wash out with water.

Rarely, irritation occurs when you apply Vitatious fiber hair. In that case, stop using the product. The product is prohibited for any internal usage (External use only).

What is it made of?

Vitatious fiber hair is made up of natural and high-quality ingredients. It includes:

  • Keratin
  • Silica
  • DMDM Hydantoin
  • Ammonium Chloride

The product is available in Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, Lahore, and Peshawar. You can order it in just 2,024 rupees from anywhere in Pakistan.



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